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Marino Consulting Ltd was found 2001.
So far the company has about 100 projects, approx 300 tender/preliminary projects, and many smaller design works (strength and stability calculations, re-design of masts, other structures, etc.). 
Our main office is situated in Varna, Bulgaria and we have small branch offices in cities of Rousse and Bourgas.
The company does Feasibility studies, Concept design and Preliminary design, but the biggest professiency it offers is in the fileds of Basic design - Class Approval stage and Detail design, 3D modeling and Production engineering (preparation of production information).


Our mission: to provide wide range of ship design services with extremely high quality on competitive prices.

Our main target: to satisfy all our customers both with price and quality.


Our advantages are:

1. Good problem-solving experience and feeling for costs, quality and good technical solution.

2. We are well equipped with standards, rules and CAD tools. We have a wide database with already done projects on every step of ship design.

3. Our staff consists of capable and experienced designers, project engineers and young colleagues willing to work hard and to reach the highest level design knowledge.

4. We have a good knowledge about the modern shipbuilding practice.
We have experience in design work mainly for Bulgarian and German shipyards, but also for shipyards all over the world - China, Korea, Nederland, USA, Romania, etc.

5. We have a quality management system (certified by DNV), ensuring a very high level of documentation is supplied. 

6.We have 3-stage document check control policy, ensuring extremely high quality of the production information.

Our Customers:

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Our company has highly efficient model of task handling and revision. Every group of engineers has an expert who is a Revisionary advisor and reports directly to the Department manager. Thus, the project work is checked as least three times - by a Designer, by a Rivisionary expert and finally by the Departmenrt manager. The Revisionary advisor hours are cover by our company. This strategy guarantees extremely high quality of work. For example, we have found 287kg of wrong material at 3800t net material while designing SUNBORN project.


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