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Our mission is “to  provide all ship design services from one hand on affordable for everyone prices”. We often met not very big as scope, but interesting and some times very challenging tasks, which our clients expect to be done for a small amount of money.

Downstairs are listed several projects, done recently. We decided to show them just because we realize that such tasks are most probable jobs we can receive from somebody who looks to our site.   

            Redesign of masts and navigation lights of an offshore supply vessel. Customer from Norway. (2013)

              Form generation, fairing and lofting for the outer shell of a 12m long boat. Bulgarian customer. (2014)

         Ship theory and strength documents for a crane barge. Cypriot customer.

    Validation of the design of a container carrier. Dutch customer.

      Ship theory documents for a 500 m3  self-propelled hopper barge. Bulgarian customer.

   Ship theory documents for conversion of an oil tanker in an oil-spill recovery vessel. Cypriot customer.


    Fire store design. Fire control plan issued. 


FEED  of  a floating pier and a connecting bridge. German customer.
(2014 - 2015)


Ship theory documents for a river going complex pusher and barge. Bulgarian customer.


Muhboat - Milka
Ship theory documents, steel structural design, outfitting design


Oyster farm boat. Length 8,5 m



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