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              With “Engineering” we denote the work of the company for performing 3D models, workshop documentation
              and production information for ship's hull, piping, deck, machinery, outfitting, electric and instrumentation.
              Based on the Class Approval Stage documentation either done by ourselves or received from the customer, 
              we can prepare 3D model of the hull or systems, which gives the basis for performing the production information.
              Nevertheless we have experience with workshop stage documentation based on CAD drawings without preparation of                      3D model for steel hull, piping and outfitting. Electric, deck outfit and insulations drawings are normally prepared this way.
             Since we have a 3D model it is not a problem to prepare workshop drawings and production information,
             including nesting of the plates, stiffeners and pipes, CNC information, bending information, coordination drawings, mounting                schemes, electrical sketches and diagrams. 
MC003/EP01:Pipe routing, Ventilation ducts routing, outfitting modeling in the Engine room, Accommodation areas and  bow thruster compartment. Production drawings. Coordination drawings. Software: TRIBON M3. Germany (2005)


MC007: Design of a coastal passenger vessel for 500 passengers for Baltic sea. Pipe Pre-routing, place reservation, equipment placement. 3D hull model in ShipConstructorGermany (2005-2006)


MC009: Full workshop stage design of a special 50m long ship. Full 3D model prepared in ShipConstructor. 3D assembly organized documentation including steel hull, piping and foundations. Production information - nesting, CNC drawings, cutting sketches for the profiles. Arrangement and spooling drawings for the pipes and the equipment. Bulgaria (2006-2007)


MC010/EP02: Workshop documentation for lengthening of a Ro-Ro Passenger vessel with about 53m. 3D hull model prepared in ShipConstructor and on this basis - modeling work and equipment placement for Piping (arrangement and isometric drawings) and outfitting drawings for hull outfit, machinery, foundations - in TRIBON M3 Project .Germany / (2006-2007)


MC012/EP03 Floating "Yacht" hotel. Workshop documentation, production information for ship hull structures, piping, steel outfitting and foundations, ventilation and air conditioning, coordination. Hull 3D model in ShipConstructor, piping and outfitting model in TRIBON M3. Isometric drawings. Project management: SUNBORN Marine Finland/Malaysia Ltd. and  P & S Project GmBH Rostock, Germany (2006-2011)

MC014. Dry cargo ship with deadweight about 3800t. 3D model (Steel hull – in Ship Constructor, piping and outfitting - in TRIBON M3), workshop documentation, production information for hull, piping, arrangement drawings. Germany (2008)

MC017. Small off-shore platforms for Caspian sea. The project consists of design, 3D modeling in ShipConstructor equipment placement and foundation arrangement for several small platforms with different functional purpose, connected with steel bridges. Germany (2008-2009)


MC018. 3D model, workshop drawings and production information for an offshore patrol vessel with length about 63m. Outfitting drawings.Software: ShipConstructor. Israel (2009)


MC020. Design project of a two-hold multipurpose ship with deadweight 6000t.. 3D steel hull model  in ShipConstructor. Bulgaria/Germany (2011-2012)



Workshop stage design documentation for the steel hull and the deck outfit for a sea- and river going bunkering/chemical tanker. 3D model of the hull and the outfit in
ShipConstructor. Workshop drawings and production information. Germany (2011-2012)


EP05: "VIKING GRACE" GB750 & GB760 - 3D model, workshop drawings, specifications for plates and profiles, production information. Software – TRIBON M3/AVEVA Marine. Finland (2011)


MC031. Design of a 800 m3 split hopper dredger. 3D steel hull model in ShipConstructor. Deck and machinery  outfit and piping modeling. Workshop drawings. Bulgaria (2011-2012)


MC032: Workshop documentation on ship systems and machinery outfit for the conversion of an off-shore supply vessel   in a big oil-spill recover vessel. Arrangement and isometric drawings. 3D model done in ShipConstructor. Bulgaria (2012-2013)


MC035. Crane spud barge for Nigeria. 3D model in ShipConstructor - steel hull, piping and outfitting, workshop drawings. Bulgaria (2012-2013)

MC038/EP07 170m Ro-Ro Passenger ship. 3D modeling in TRIBON M3, steel hull structures, piping and outfitting drawings, arrangement drawings and production information, Germany (2010-2012)


MC039/EP08 Container carrier for Arctic conditions. Hull, piping and outfitting model in TRIBON. Germany (2012)


MC033/EP06 Workshop design for a 7000 m3 Trailing suction Hopper dredger. 3D model in TRIBON M3.  Arrangement drawings. Spooling sketches for the pipes. Outfitting drawings - foundations, deck outfit  (2012-2013)

EP09:TOF-75 LUCIUS, OFFSHORE RIG, SOFT TANK. 3D model of the hull structures in AVEVA Marine.  Workshop drawings and production information Finland/USA (2013)

50000 DWT product tanker-3D hull model development in TRIBON M3, Germany/USA,           2013-2015

  Transformer Platform - 3D model of the steel structures, workshop drawings, production information, production support. Software - AVEVA 

EP12: DEEP HELDER Offshore support vessel.Workshop design - piping and outfitting. Software - AutoCAD. Nederland (2014)

    Container carrier for 2900 TEU. 3D model, workshop drawings, specifications for plates and profiles, production information. Software – TRIBON M3. Germany (2011-2012)  


EP14: Conversion of a tanker in FPSO. 3D piping model, production information. Romania (2013-2015)

MC046 River-sea going tanker with deadweight 7000t. 3D model of the hull structures in ShipConstructor. Workshop drawings, production information. Bulgaria (2014)


EP15: Drill ship. 3D piping model in the engine rooms, production information.                                 Japan/ Romania (2013-2015)

MC051 Bottom flap trailing hopper suction dredger with capacity 2500 m3. 3D model of the steel hull in ShipConstructor, modeling  and placement of the equipment in both engine rooms, ventilation. Nederland (2014)

MC052 Ocean going tanker barge with capacity 150000  barrels.  Engineering of the piping systems in AutoCAD. 3D model of the steel hull in ShipConstructor. USA (2015)

EP16:Tallink  LNG Shuttle ferry – steel hull design(partly) in AVEVA Marine. Finland (2015)

MC053 Barge to carry ammonia in liquid. 3D modeling of the steel hull tanks and tank supports in ShipConstructor. Engineering of the steel hull, outfitting foundations, ladders, platforms, etc. USA/Korea (2015)

EP17: Scrubber system  retrofit for MSC Fantasia passenger vessel. Software – TRIBON M3. France(2015)



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