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     “Marino Consulting” Ltd. is a Bulgarian Naval Architectural and Marine Engineering company. 

The idea for existence of the company is to be able to provide a full range of ship design services with extremely high quality on concurrent prices in Europe.
We can do everything in the design of small, middle and large sized vessels. 
This design work is in service for Shipyards, Shipowners and new building ship brokers.


     Even if we sell on least prices we do not want our customers to think they are using "low cost" service. We work with all necessary specialists, including scientists from research institutes and university professors. All our designs are consistent, because the decisions we choose, which are got on the basis of comprehensive investigations and consulting. We keep electric specialists, furniture and accommodation designers, etc. just to be sure, that the design is discussed from all sides. With few words, we are ready to invest all necessary efforts just our customer to be sure that he gets a product with very high quality. 
     Some of our customers are looking for already used, "second hand" design. We give this option but we are always adjusting the project to the specific properties our customer needs, because of our cheap prices it always worth to do that.

 The main part of our activities consists of ship design for shipyards, especially workshop documentation and production information. When also 3D model is prepared we call that "Engineering for production" so we give this option also. Nevertheless, we have a lot of experience working for shipowners - preparing consulting projects and feasibility studies, Preliminary and Tender (offering) designs and Class Approval Documentation. 
We also have experience with refittings, modernizations, refurbishments, conversions, etc.  

We are confident in our capabilities because of our multiyear experience in design and marine engineering for German, Dutch Chinese and Korean shipyards.
During that work we learnt to spare the money of the Shipowners  and the Shipyards and yet to achieve the desired in our work.
We have collected a wide library of standards preparation of ship structures and piping systems. 
This allows us easy to find solutions in any situation. 

In our work there are two factors, determining the behavior of the company: 

1. The quality of the work 

2. The following of the schedule for documentation delivery 
Marino Consulting Ltd. was visited by a delegation of DAMEN in the office in Varna
Marino Consulting Ltd. was visited in the office in Varna by a delegation of DAMEN.

November 2017
Marino Consulting Ltd. exhibited on Europort in Rotterdam
Marino Consulting Ltd. exhibited on Europort in Rotterdam from 7-10

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Marino Consulting
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