(MC 007) Baltica - Passenger Vessel

Main characteristics:

Length between perpendiculars   Lpp = 58.836 [m]
Breadth,  B = 9.600 [m]
Draught, d = 2.000 [m]
Displacement volume Δ = 759.76 [m3]

Owner:   Germany

Disciplines: Full Ship Design Project

3D Model made using Rhinoceros 3 and Ship Constructor.

Ship Constructor modules used Ship Cam and Structure, Plate Nest, Manager.

Tank testing of the ship was done in:
 Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Centre (BSHC)

Basic design stage with class approval on ship’s hull, outfit and ship theory for a  coastal passenger vessel for Germany.
Class according to Germanischer Lloyd.  German owner (2005-2006)

Short Description: Old existing passenger vessel of a family needed to be changed with a new one. Two passenger decks - with salons of open type for about 500 passengers and crew cabins for 12 crew) plus all necessary compartments for normal coastal running on the Nord-Eastern  side of Germany on Baltic sea. The biggest trouble was to reach 17 knots with small diameter propellers  - the draught of the ship was only 2 meters!


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