Pre-project analyses, prognosis and research Pre-project analyses, prognosis and research
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Pre-project analyses, prognosis and research

Feasibility studies, special types of ships research and prognosis; pre-project design investigations

Our work often starts from the very beginning with the initial fixing of the properties and features for the designed ship. 

This leads to the understanding how she should look like. It would describe the necessities 
and the possibilities such as: cargo volume, capacity, speed which helps fixing main characteristics of the ship.

The stage includes many analysis, research work, etc. 
The result is the preliminarily outlined idea about the future ship and most probably the main dimensions of the ship. 
We call this stage "Consulting design stage" or " Concept design stage". We know that all efforts spent in this stage 
lead to a big cut in the expenses later on.

We have a wide net of about 300 already done concept projects so for us is easy to find a compromise between all 
controversial requirements.

If we have prepared a consulting stage we can proceed with so called: "Tender" or "Offering" stage.
It consists of General Arrangement Plan, Brief Specification, Calculation, Midship Section Drawing,
Steel (or Aluminum) hull mass estimation, rarely arrangement in Engine room, Maker's list
and Equipment list. 
This stage gives the possibility to estimate the ship price. Even if we say we can make ship form generation 
on the next stages, this usually is done here together with the speed - power prognosis and main engine choice.

So far thus started 5 of our already built ships

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Pre-project analyses, prognosis and research